205 Maighels-Oberalppass

Direkt zur Rheinquelle

The circular bike route from Sedrun to the Maighels Hut first leads straight to the source of the Rhine before crossing the Oberalp Pass and returning to Sedrun. Pleasant resting areas, SAC Huts and restaurants along the route entice you to take a break.

The circular route starts at the railway station in Sedrun. You ride along good trails on the opposite side of the valley to Sedrun, for a long time through the forest, alongside the young River Rhine all the way to its source. A few hundred metres away from the gravel trail on the way to the Maighels Hut, by the Lai da Tuma, is the source of the Rhine. Restaurants on the Oberalp Pass as well as the Maighels Hut SAC allow lengthy breaks which give you a chance to experience the impressive mountainscape of the Tujetsch. The Maighels Hut at an altitude of 2,314 meters is the highest point of this route. After a break on the terrace there, you ride along the Hut Trail back down to the goat farm of Tschamut before embarking on the final climb to the Oberalp Pass. After the peacefulness of the Val Maighels and the hustle and bustle on the Oberalp Pass, you enter the Val Val from where the route only heads one way, back down to the starting point in Sedrun. Riders who continue to the hamlet of Surrein are rewarded with a refreshing dip in the Lag da Claus bathing lake.

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