207 Bostg

Once through the entire holiday region of Disentis and Sedrun

This circular bike route runs through the entire Disentis and Sedrun holiday region. Shady mountain forest alternates with great panoramas of glaciers and peaks. Pretty alpine farms and diverse flower meadows characterise this route.

From the railway station in Disentis you ride through the centre of the town to Acletta from where you follow the wild Acletta Stream. At the first alpine farms you start to climb through the forest and encounter the first bikers whooshing past on the freeride trail from Caischavedra which runs parallel to the forest road. After a brief descent in to the Val Segnas you embark on the climb towards Bostg. In Bostg, the panorama of the peaks and glaciers of the Medelser Mountains is wonderful. In the hamlet of Mompé Tujetsch you cross the route you will take to return from Sedrun back to Disentis. Please follow the signposts carefully. After a brief and easy descent to the young River Rhine you carry on alongside it far down in the valley. Past lovingly maintained alpine farms, small ponds and across forest clearings you reach Sedrun after passing the bathing lake Lag da Claus. You climb from Sedrun to Cungieri on a good road, which means you can fully take in the colourful and beautifully scented flower meadows of Cungieri. At mountain restaurant Cungieri it's well worth enjoying the view one more time before you start coasting back down to Disentis.

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