Catrina Kids Club

A wonderful experience for the little guests in Disentis

With great passion and commitment we enchant and entertain our little guests and leave them with wonderful memories. Even at an adult age they will remember the unforgettable days in the mountains. The memories of the holidays and the thousands of adventures we had as children are among the most beautiful memories an adult can have.

This is the reason for the foundation of a children‘s club. We offer a range of sports and leisure activities for our youngest guests during the summer and winter seasons. Activities that can be done in nature or indoors in bad weather. This is just a start, it will be the children who, during these activities, will create the adventures, friendships and memories that will be indelible with time. In addition, the parents can enjoy a few hours during which they can devote themselves. They can do one of the countless activities in the region or just enjoy and share a moment of relaxation. So what more is there to say? Let the adventure begin!


The original activity is most popular at the Kinderclub. Get into a giant plastic ball and start rolling, crashing and throwing yourself. Fun is guaranteed.

Night ski

The ski instructors from the snow sports school Disentis will take you night skiing with lights. Wow, be careful, maybe you‘ll see some wild animals!

Catrina Kino

Today the weather is really bad and going to the mountains is not a good idea. No problem, there is a backup plan with popcorn, a good movie and lots of laughs.

Bike with Chevrina and Ursus

Learn how to jump, tackle obstacles and cycle through the forest paths. Chevrina, Ursus and the athletes of the RN/Thömus swiss bike team will teach you the secrets.

Pizza Party

Hey, hasn‘t all this action made you guys a little hungry? No problem, tonight Claudio from Pizzeria Stiva Ursus is making pizza for everyone.

Catrina Experience

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