FH Furka Höhenweg

Or also known as the Urschner Höhenweg

The Furka Höhenweg, popularly known as the Urschner Höhenweg, is a panoramic trail for sporty mountain bikers and offers a natural spectacle with breathtaking panoramic views towards the Furka, Gotthard and Oberalp passes.

The tour leads from Andermatt railway station through the valley floor towards Realp, where the trail climbs up to Tiefenbach. Now single trails are the order of the day. The well-maintained trail continues from Tätsch to the valley hollow of the Lochberg and further up and down to Lake Luter. As a reward, a wonderful panoramic view awaits you there. The tour then leads downhill along the golf circular path to the Reuss dam in the direction of Giessen and back to Andermatt railway station.

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