Freeride Workshop and Skitouring

"Pow Pow " is exactly the moment when skiing pairs with fresh snow. Like music, a sweet melody for all freeride lovers.

Riding on fresh snow is a unique and unforgettable experience, this feeling of sailing on snow is hard to describe. Disentis has long been a mecca for off-piste skiing lovers. On the freshly snow-covered slopes of Disentis you can listen to the seductive melody of powder and you can reach the slopes easily with our ski lifts. Freeriding is as beautiful as it is dangerous, you always have to be aware that you are dealing with the law of the mountains: unpredictable and wild. Avalanches and snow slides are the greatest danger and weather conditions are not always easy to predict. To discover the secrets of freeriding we have the possibility to offer workshops in cooperation with local mountain guides. Starting from the basics, such as choosing the best slope, knowledge of search devices, recognition of the type of snow and so on... and of course, discovering the most beautiful places to enjoy this sport.

Register directly with one of the local mountain guides.

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