L Laus Bike

Including cooling off in the lake

The Cavardiras Lag da Laus Bike tour includes steep ascents and descents, but without technical difficulties. Once you reach the top of the lake, you can take a breather or even a lunch break. The lake is literally delightful and thus invites you to linger. If you need a little cooling down, you can also jump into the lake.

There are two options for the descent:

Variant 1 is a 2 km long single trail (category black), which is very demanding, or

Variant 2: you forego the single trail and ride back along the same road, in which case it is an easy tour (from a riding point of view).

The start and end point is at Camping Fontanivas in Disentis and the route can be ridden from either side as a circular tour.

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