Animal experience

Llama trekking is a unique form of hiking where you are accompanied by gentle llamas. These unusual animals are loyal companions and perfect for outdoor adventures in nature. Llama trekking offers the opportunity to experience the beauty of the landscape in a whole new way. It is a relaxed and peaceful way to explore the surroundings while enjoying the company of faithful companions. Discover the fascination of llama trekking and let the gentle animals take you into nature!

Llamas are originally native to the Andes region, where they serve as pack animals in the sometimes difficult-to-access mountain regions. They are also valued for their wool and meat. More and more often, the animals are also bred in Europe. In the Surselva, for example. Here you can get to know these herd animals and their habitat better on a llama trekking tour.

Family experience

Hiking with llamas is a matter of trust; if you trust the animal, it will trust you. Getting involved with the animal is an incredibly exciting thing. Even for children, hiking with llamas is a game and not boring at all. On day and multi-day tours, the animals are packed with luggage and you can save weight for your own shoulders.

Multiday treks and expeditions

Would you like to go on a longer excursion with llamas? Lamaventura also offers llama treks to the Medelserhütte, multi-day treks with pack llamas or tailor-made offers with or without an overnight stay on the mountain.

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