Locker bookings in the Gleis 0 shop

Here's how it works

Thank you for your locker booking, this is how it works when you are on site:

Locker booking WITHOUT keycard

If you booked your locker without a ski pass card (Keycard or Swisspass), you will find the barcode in the app wallet or in the voucher you received by e-mail.

Take it to the Gleis 0 ski hire counter or sales terminal and get the key to the locker in digital form (e.g. by charging it on a keycard or Swisspass) and the locker number from one of the Gleis 0 staff.

Locker booking WITH keycard

If you have bought the Locker directly with a Keycard or a Swisspass online, your booked locker number is visible in your app wallet or in the e-mail voucher.

You can unlock the booked locker directly with your Keycard or Swisspass - completely contactless.

Click here to go to your wallet:

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