Local delicacies

Specialities from Andermatt, Sedrun and Disentis

Has your neighbour been feeding your cat during your holiday? Are you looking for something to bring back as a thank-you? Nothing could be easier. Traditional crafts are practised in the Andermatt, Sedrun and Disentis region, including in the culinary area.

World-famous mini-nut pastries

“Probably the world’s smallest Bündner Nusstorte” is how La Conditoria in Sedrun advertises its nut pastry speciality, which measures just four centimetres. The tasty biscuit, filled with a caramel made from cream, Swiss honey, and walnuts, is famous beyond the Swiss borders. Already tried it and want more? Yes, you can also get the maxi version.

Naturally cured Bündnerfleisch

In Segnas near Disentis, the family-owned company Sialm produces Bündnerfleisch according to a traditional method. With first-rate beef, lots of time, and fresh mountain air. The meat is first cured and then, to achieve the highest quality, hung outdoors to dry for 12 to 50 weeks, during which time it is repeatedly pressed. Carved wafer-thin, each slice is a delicacy. You can buy Bündnerfleisch and other meat products at the shop in Segnas or order them on the internet.

Grisons treats by subscription

Can’t get enough of the delicious Grisons pastries? The bakery at the Benedictine abbey in Disentis has the solution: You can purchase a subscription there for nut pastries and have them mailed to you four times a year. You can also arrange to have loaves of Birnbrot (pear bread) as well as cantuccini (similar to Italian biscotti) mailed to your home. But the best way is to purchase them at the shop in the monastery, where you’ll also find spiritual sustenance.

Uri “Hüswirscht”

Uri Hauswurst – the high German word for house sausage – is one of Switzerland’s culinary treasures. As the name suggests, every farm used to have its own recipe for it. The Muheim butcher’s shop in Andermatt has revealed its recipe to us: Pork, beef, venison, and goat meat are ground, seasoned with garlic, nutmeg, and red wine, and then made into a sausage like a salami. All of the meat comes from organic farms in the region. You can buy Hüswirscht and other local meat specialities, like Urner Dirrs (cured meat) and Geisslittli and Schaflittli (spicy ham), at the butcher’s shop in the centre of Andermatt or have it sent home to you.

Beer made from Uri spring water

The outstanding quality of the local mountain water is appreciated not just by the guests of the Mountain Food restaurants. It is also a welcome drink in Altdorf – primarily in the form of beer. The Stiär Biär microbrewery there produces various beer varieties, which can be sampled in many of the region’s restaurants. All beers and much more are also available at the brewery shop in Altdorf, the main village in the canton of Uri.

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