Courses for all levels

The Ursern Valley has assured snowcover and plenty of wind, making it the optimal location for snowkiting. Whether on skis or a snowboard, you can learn how to snowkite relatively quickly. And once you understand how the kite works, you can sail up the mountain – and then down to the valley again through a descent in the powder.

Course offerings

The Excite Kiteboarding association offers various courses for beginners as well as for advanced snowkiters.

  • Beginner course: Basics about the sport of snowkiting. Light on theory, heavy on practice: steering a trainer kite, first flights with a 5-liner snowkite (2-3 hours, CHF 100 per person)

  • Private course: 1 to 2 persons with a snowkite, lesson as desired (one day, CHF 400)

  • Snowkite course: Basics about the sport of snowkiting, theory and practice, steering a 5-liner snowkite, first flights with skis or snowboard or improving the current level (one day, CHF 200 per person, or two days, CHF 400 per person)

All courses include rental of the snowkite gear (harness, bar, snowkite) Not included are skis or snowboard and personal snow wear and protective gear. Discount for association members If you want, join the Excite Kiteboarding association and benefit as member from a 10% discount on all course offerings. You can get further information directly from Excite Kiteboarding,

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