Sportshop Gleis 0 – Lockers and Lockers

Annual, seasonal and daily rental at Gleis 0 in Andermatt

At the rear of Gleis 0 in Andermatt, 400 state-of-the-art lockers are available for the storage of personal luggage and sports equipment.

The Skilockers can be hired on a daily, seasonal or annual basis and can accommodate up to two pieces of ski equipment. All Skilockers are heated to allow all your equipment to dry overnight so you are ready to hit the slopes again.

Day lockers small

You often have a lot of luggage with you, especially when travelling by public transport. To be able to enjoy the mountain experience to the fullest, renting a day locker is a good idea. This way, you can stow away the equipment you don't need and enjoy the day on the mountain to the full without any additional burden. Your helmet and rucksack can easily fit into the day lockers.

Prices daily rentals

The day lockers can be rented in the sports shop Gleis 0 (only for daily rent).

1 Day: CHF 5.- 2 Day: CHF 10.- 3 Day: CHF 15.- 4 Day: CHF 20.- 5 Day: CHF 25.- 6 Day: CHF 30.-

Each additional day CHF 5.-

Ski locker big

Lugging skis is a thing of the past. With our exclusive ski lockers at Andermatt station, you can conveniently store your skis or snowboard safely in the ski locker.

Never get cold feet again. All our ski lockers are heated and offer plenty of space. Gloves, helmet and ski boots are easily and safely dried overnight.

Our skilockers can be rented by the day, seasonally or for the whole year. So nothing stands in the way of après-ski.

Prices locker big

The ski lockers can be rented either at the Gleis 0 sports shop or conveniently online.

1 Day: CHF 25.- 2 Days: CHF 40.- 3 Days: CHF 57.- 4 Days: CHF 71.- 5 Days: CHF 85.- 6 Days: CHF 97.-

Each additional day CHF 10.-

Seasonal rental ski locker big

Our ski lockers can also be rented for the entire winter season 2021/22. So you'll never have to lug your skis or snowboard around again.

Price: CHF 400.-

Annual rental ski locker large

Reserve your ski locker for the whole year. In winter you can store your ski or snowboard equipment in the ski locker and in summer your climbing equipment. The annual rental period is 12 months - regardless of the start of the rental period.

Preis: CHF 600.-

How to book your ski locker

1.Book the Locker with your Keycard or SwissPass. If you don't have a carrier card yet, you can easily book the Locker directly with Gleis0 by email.

2. Use the card to open the door to the ski locker room. Detailed information on the location and opening hours can be found below.

3. Directly behind the door is a terminal where you can check your booking and the locker number of your booking again.

4. Then go to your locker and open it with your keycard or Swisspass. To close the locker, simply press it shut.

Here you will find the entrance to the ski locker room

You will find the entrance to the ski locker room at Gleis0 when you leave the station subway in Andermatt in the direction of the Radisson Hotel.

Approximately 50m behind the exit on the left-hand side. You have access with your carrier card from 7.00h to 0.00h.

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