Steak House Chevrina

Delicious steaks - prepared on the unique charcoal grill

A wide selection of meats from all over the world cooked by our Grill Maister on the professional Grillworks wood-fired hybrid grill made in the USA. A culinary experience that all fans of the steak must try! Don't miss the matured "Dry Aged" meats... You'll find them in the maturation room inside the restaurant. In addition, our home-made sauces will enhance the flavors of your steak. Get Inspired

Served, reservation possible
  • Piazza Catrina, Via Acletta 5, 7180Disentis/ Mustér

  • New York Striplion, Ribeye Steak, Rinder Ribs, Tomahawk Steak

Opening hours:
  • 18.00 - 22.00 Thursday to Saturday (Sunday to Wednesday: closed)


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