Starstruck dinner

12 August and 8 October 2021

Starbuck: A gourmet dinner with a view of the meteor showers, 1 star Michelin. There are places that radiate a special power. The Gütsch restaurant high up in the mountains is one of them. And there is a special offer here: on Thursday 12 August 2021 and Friday 8 October 2021, there should be a particularly large number of bright shooting stars in the night sky. That's why Markus Neff and his team are offering something out of the ordinary: an open-air aperitif and five fine courses at 2,344 metres above sea level, kissed by a Michelin star. The menu costs CHF 185 including the trip up the mountain.

Outward and return journey The Gütsch Express cable car will also be in operation in the evening for this event: Ascent: Between 18.15 and 19.00 (last ascent). Descent: Between 22.30 and 23.00 hrs

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