Urner Haute Route: Alpine ski touring in the Uri Alps

Away from civilisation

Do you like powder snow and long descents? Do you do a lot of ski touring, have alpine experience, and are in good condition? Then look forward to a great adventure with us on the Urner Haute Route!

Traversing the Uri Alps 

The Urner Haute Route leads from Andermatt to Engelberg. Over five days, you’ll ski from hut to hut in the secluded terrain of this remote region. You’ll enjoy glorious views both from the passes and from the various peaks that you’ll climb. Highlights are the tours on the 3,502-metre Sustenhorn and on the 2,946-metre Grassen. You’ll climb the peaks at times with crampons and cross the glaciers by rope. 

Powder busting until your legs are on fire 

This tour will take you into high alpine mountains, mostly far from civilisation. Even more impressive are the endlessly long descents with a vertical drop of as much as 2,000 metres. Quivering legs and shouts of joy guaranteed! 

Our mountain guides will be happy to accompany you on this one-of-a-kind ski tour.

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