Rays - Find hidden crystals in nature

Searching for treasure in the mountains

Crystal hunting is a centuries-old tradition in the Disentis Sedrun region. Virtually no other area in the Alps has such a wide variety of minerals. As far back as the late 17th century, Pader Placidus a Spescha, a Benedictine monk, hunted for crystals in the mountain environs of Disentis. Since then, the knowledge has been handed down over generations, and even today, local crystal hunters are still uncovering genuine treasures from the dark of the earth.

Guided crystal-hunting tours

Buried in the wild mountain landscape, the glittering treasures are waiting to be discovered by you. If you pay close attention when hiking, you’ll find one of the coveted treasures, but you’ll need a bit of luck. It’s easier if you have professional help: Take a local guide with you to search for the millennia-old minerals.

Cristallina Mineral Museum

Prefer a more relaxing approach? The Cristallina Mineral Museum in Disentis displays the most beautiful finds from the region.

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