Spring offer tour gondola Gemsstock

From 4 March 2023

From 4 March on you can sweeten your adventure with the tour gondola on the Gemsstock. The gondola departs at 7.30 am and takes you up to the Gemsstock. From there it's off into the open air. Important: Downhill skiing is not permitted on prepared slopes. The tour gondola can be booked daily and is available for groups of 5 or more. Pre-booking the day before by 2 p.m. at or by phone 058 200 68 68. Prices

  • Adults CHF 30.00

  • Children CHF 15.00

  • Juvenile CHF 21.00

  • Senior CHF 24.00

Prices for annual subscription holders

  • Adult CHF 15.00

  • Child CHF 8.00

  • Juvenile CHF 11.00

  • Senior CHF 12.00

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