Bathing lake Fontanivas in Disentis

Cooling off is guaranteed

The natural bathing lake Fontanivas stays below 20 degrees all summer long, meaning clear water and a refreshing experience. Too cold for you? Then bring your rubber dinghy with you and enjoy the lake from the surface. There’s a water playground on the beach for children and plenty of sunny and shady spots on the surrounding meadow to spread out your beach towel. All that's left to make a perfect summer day is ice cream. And you’ll find it at the restaurant at the nearby campground.


The bathing lake is open from mid-May to mid-October.

You can find further information about the bathing lake Fontanivas on the website of Disentis Sedrun Tourismus.

Tour suggestions

We present two different tours that you can do around the bathing lake with the whole family: One on foot and one by bike.

Badesee Fontanivas
Family walk to Fontanivas
Hiking trail
5.5 km
2:00 h
141 hm
141 hm
MTB Familiy: Fontanivas - Round trip
Mountainbike Tour
5.7 km
1:00 h
140 hm
140 hm
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