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One destination, two cantons, double the pleasure

In Switzerland, they say, cantonalism reigns supreme. This can be savoured to the full in Andermatt, Sedrun and Disentis. Specialities from the two cantons of Uri and Graubünden, whose cuisines invite you to enjoy them, border on each other here. A feast for the palate guaranteed!

East of the Oberalp Pass 

In Graubünden, cooking is traditionally done with regional, long-lasting ingredients such as potatoes or flour. Fine herbs, spicy Graubünden meat or mature alpine cheese give the dishes their flavour. 


This pastry is as versatile as the canton of Graubünden. The Riesenspätzli taste sweet or salty. They are made of wheat flour and buckwheat flour or enriched with potatoes. They are eaten with bacon, onions and cheese, with vegetables such as chard or savoy cabbage, with sweet fruits or in many other variations. A meal that can be adapted to taste. 


A dish for which every Grisons family has its own (secret) recipe? Capuns! What they all have in common is that the spaetzli dough is wrapped in a small packet. But that's where it starts: some use chard leaves, others lettuce leaves. And the filling? Salsiz, Landjäger, Bündnerfleisch or mountain cheese? It depends on the region and the family, but it's guaranteed to be a treat for the palate. Herbs such as spearmint, parsley and chives give the meal that certain something. Cooked in cream or milk and water and baked with cheese: a delicacy either way. 


Du hast dich heute so richtig verausgabt auf der Piste? Ein Teller Maluns macht auch dich satt: Geraffelte Kartoffeln und Mehl röstet man in Butter, bis sich goldgelbe Klümpchen bilden. Dazu isst du Apfelmus oder ein Stück Bergkäse und schon hast du wieder Energie für die nächste Abfahrt. 

Bündner Gerstensuppe 

What warms better in winter than a fine soup? Since winter barley grows at high altitudes and low temperatures, it was a staple food in Graubünden for a long time. made with stock, vegetables and, depending on taste, bacon, raw ham or Bündnerfleisch, it is turned into a rich soup that tastes wonderful not only on cold days. 

Fancy trying out the specialities of Graubünden? Visit the restaurants in Disentis and Sedrun.

West of the Oberalp Pass 

Do you like good, simple dishes? Then the canton of Uri is the right place for you. Dairy products and hardy vegetables play a major role in the cuisine of this mountainous canton. The influences from the neighbouring canton of Ticino and from Italy, where the people of Uri used to sell their cattle, are also noticeable. 

Urner Hafächabis 

The main ingredient of this hearty stew is, as the name suggests, chabis (Swiss German for cabbage). It is accompanied by potatoes, onions, garlic and lamb. Hafächabis tastes best warmed up, so it is best to prepare it the day before.


This typical Swiss speciality is said to have originated in the canton of Uri. Since the construction of the Gotthard tunnel, pasta has been available in the border canton and the alpine dairymen have created a hearty dish from it: Pasta, alpine cheese and cream are mixed and garnished with roasted onions. Apple sauce is served as a side dish, and if you like, you can add potatoes (which is not typical of Uri) to the maccheroni - this is the origin of the word magronen. 

Ryys und poor 

The name Rispor - or Ryys und Boor - comes from rice and Porro, the Italian word for leek. And the dish doesn't consist of much else. Refined with Uri mountain cheese, the leek risotto becomes spicy and creamy.  Would you like to try the specialities of Uri?

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