Matti Family Paradise

An experience for the whole family

Are you looking for an adventure for the whole family?

There is a lot to discover at the middle station of the Gütsch Express! Here you can climb, slide, swing or balance. You can climb the Swiss mountains on the climbing wall and feel like you're on a mountain tour on the mountaineering trail. Right next to it are a giant hiking boot and an oversized backpack. Learn everything you need for an adventurous day in the mountains.

Is the weather bad? No problem, because the Matti family restaurant also offers an indoor playground where the children can warm up and the parents can have a coffee.

Climbing Paradise

The climbing paradise is supervised daily. Are you planning to visit more often? Then it's definitely worth buying a 10-person ticket. Tickets for the climbing paradise can be purchased on site at the equipment counter or online (from spring).

There are different routes with different levels of difficulty on the climbing wall, but only children weighing 10kg or more are allowed.

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