Sportshop Gleis 0 – Depot and Lockers

Annual, seasonal and daily rental at Gleis 0 in Andermatt


Available in the back area of Gleis 0 in Andermatt are 400 state-of-the-art lock boxes for storing your personal luggage and sports equipment. The lockers can be rented on a daily, seasonal, or annual basis and offer space for up to two pairs of ski equipment. All lockers are heated so that the equipment dries overnight.

Day lockers small

You often have a lot of luggage with you, especially when travelling by public transport. In order to be able to enjoy the mountain experience to the full, renting a day locker is a good idea. This way, you can stow away the material you don't need and enjoy the day on the mountain to


Seasonal rental (until the end of October) CHF 400
Reserve a seasonal locker at Gleis 0 today
Annual rental (12 months from the start of rental) CHF 600
Reserve an annual locker at Gleis 0 today
Daily rental

1 day: CHF 25 heated ski locker / CHF 5 small luggage locker 2 days: CHF 40 heated ski locker / CHF 10 small luggage locker 3 days: CHF 57 heated ski locker / CHF 15 small luggage locker 4 days: CHF 71 heated ski locker / CHF 20 small luggage locker 5 days: CHF 85 heated ski locker / CHF 25 small luggage locker 6 days: CHF 97 heated ski locker / CHF 30 small luggage locker

Each additional day CHF 10 / CHF 5

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