Sportshop Gleis 0 – Ski depot and lockers

Hauling material was yesterday

  • Rent one of our ski lockers and stop carrying your ski gear.

  • Start every morning with dry ski or snowboard boots thanks to our heated ski lockers.

  • You can deposit excess material, such as a backpack, in our day lockers.

  • You can book the ski lockers on site or directly online here, the day lockers only in Gleis0.

  • You need a keycard or Swisspass to book online.

Book ski lockers here

How to book your ski locker

Step 1: Book on your Keycard or SwissPass. If you don't have a carrier card yet, you can easily book the Locker directly with Gleis0 by email.

Step 2: Use the card to open the door to the ski locker room. Detailed information on the location and opening hours can be found below.

Step 3: Directly behind the door is a terminal where you can check your booking and the locker number of your booking again.

Step 4: After that go to your ski locker and open it with your keycard or Swisspass. To close the locker, simply press it shut.

Here you will find the entrance to the ski locker room

  • Drivers: If you park on P1 or P2, just head towards the train station.

  • Train travelers: Leave the underpass towards the bus terminal.

  • Exit of the station underpass, after 50m on the facade.

  • Access to the ski depot with your carrier card from 7.00 a.m. to 0.00 a.m.

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