Discover the life of Gloria, the young chamois in the Urschner Mountains

Experience nature and adventure on the hiking trail from Gütsch to Platte

Gloria is a young and lively chamois who lives together with her family and friends in the picturesque Urschner Mountains. When you are on the hiking trail from the Gütsch to the Platte, you have the chance to learn and experience more about Gloria's life and the unique nature in this region.

The adventure trail along the hiking trail includes eight posts that are perfect for an exciting journey of discovery. Whether you are travelling alone or with your family, there is a lot to experience and learn here. For example, discover what chamois eat and how they find their way around their environment.

Another highlight of the adventure trail is the wooden memory with native plants and herbs, which will delight young and old alike. Here you can test your knowledge about nature and learn something at the same time.

For all nature enthusiasts, the adventure trail also offers a telescope with which you can view the majestic glaciers in the distance. A real treat for all the senses is the giant swing, where you can enjoy the view of the Urschner Mountains.

Another highlight is the sound instrument, which gives you the opportunity to recognise and distinguish the different sounds of the alpine animals. Have you ever tried to identify the different bird calls?

The adventure trail also offers the opportunity to learn more about the formation of rain. In a playful way, you learn how clouds form and how rain is created.

The adventure trail from Gütsch to Platte is a wonderful way to discover and enjoy nature and the unique landscape of the Urschner Mountains. Suitable for children and adults alike, this trail offers a unique opportunity to get to know the life of Gloria, the young chamois, better and at the same time learn a lot about the local wildlife and nature.

So pack your hiking boots and discover this wonderful region with all its facets and surprises!

Gloria-Trail Lutersee
Gloria-Trail Lutersee
Hiking trail
3.0 km
1:30 h
56 hm
19 hm


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