Climate favorites challenge - how it works

Immerse yourself in a culinary adventure with the Klimalieblinge Challenge! Perfect for families who like to discover new things and outdoor sports enthusiasts who value sustainable nutrition.

Klimalieblinge are the meat-free signature dishes of our mountain restaurants. Take to the heights and embark on your sustainable pleasure trip with the Klimaliebling stamp pass. You receive one digital stamp per Klimaliebling in the MountainAccess app. Collect four of the six stamps and receive a free Klimaliebling of your choice as a reward.

How the digital Klimaliebling stamp pass works

  • You need our MountainAccess app to collect the Klimaliebling stamps. You can find the link to download the app here.

  • You can find the Klimaliebling stamp pass in the MountainAccess app under myMoments.

  • The list of participating restaurants and their climate favorites can be found below and in the MountainAccess app.

  • The stamp pass becomes active when the first climate favorite is scanned.

  • Each of the six climate favorites has a QR code to scan with your cell phone camera. When you order a Klimaliebling, you will receive the QR code to scan.

  • For every QR code you scan, you will receive a stamp in your digital stamp passport.

  • Once you have scanned four different Klimalieblings, your Klimaliebling stamp passport is complete.

  • You will receive a free Klimaliebling for the complete stamp pass. Contact our service staff to exchange the pass.

  • The stamp pass is valid during the 2024 summer season. One stamp pass can be completed per person.

The restaurants and their climate favorites

Andermatt and Oberalp
  • Matti family restaurant - Vegan Matti burger with hearty house sauce and sweet corn frites

  • Berggasthaus Piz Calmot - Ryys and Poor: Uri leek risotto with mountain cheese, roasted spring onions and radishes

  • Panoramarestaurant Schneehüenerstock - Spicy cauliflower wings with chips and herb cream

  • Panoramarestaurant Caischavedra - Vegetarian Capuns

  • La Baracca Cuolm da Vi - Panini with tomatoes and mozzarella

All information about our restaurants (location, opening hours etc.) can be found here.

What do the Signature Dishes have to do with the climate?

With the climate favorites, we combine culinary enjoyment with a lower CO2 footprint than comparable meat dishes.* The climate favorites are all vegetarian. We are aware that many other factors have an influence on nutrition, but with the climate favorites the focus is on emissions compared to dishes with meat.

Why Klimalieblinge?

With our Andermatt Responsible initiative, we are committed to climate-friendly and sustainable tourism in the Andermatt region. Our aim is to enable resource-conserving tourism operations. With a wide selection of delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes, we offer you the opportunity to become part of our movement.

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