Climate favorites challenge - how it works

Immerse yourself in a culinary adventure with the Klimalieblinge Challenge! Perfect for families who like to discover new things and outdoor sports enthusiasts who value sustainable nutrition.

How it works

  1. download our "Mountain Access" app for iOS or Android.

  2. at the bottom of the navigation you will find the "Climate Favorites Challenge" under "MyMoments"

  3. start the challenge with "Start adventure"

  4. collect stamps for the climate favorites by scanning QR codes in which you select the climate favorite under "Stages"

  5. click on "Check in" and scan the QR code with the camera.

  6. for each scanned climate favorite, you will find the stamp in the stamp passport, where it is now colored instead of gray.

  7. if you have successfully scanned six Klimalieblings, you will receive the Klimaliebling Award, which allows you to enjoy the seventh Klimaliebling for free.

Which restaurants are taking part?

Our restaurants have been carefully selected to offer you a varied and sustainable culinary experience. Each restaurant is characterized by unique vegetarian creations that not only delight your palate, but are also environmentally conscious and healthy. From cozy mountain inns to modern gourmet restaurants - you will find a wide range of gastronomic experiences in the Klimalieblinge Challenge. Discover restaurants that stand for sustainability and quality with passion and commitment.

Why Klimalieblinge?

The Klimalieblinge Challenge is not only about good food, but also about promoting a sustainable lifestyle. By choosing vegetarian dishes, you actively contribute to reducing your ecological footprint. Our initiative also promotes awareness of healthy eating and environmental protection. It is an opportunity to combine culinary delights with a positive impact on the environment.

Benefits of participation

By taking part in the Klimalieblinge Challenge, you will not only be rewarded with delicious vegetarian dishes, but you will also make a contribution to environmental protection. For every badge you collect, you support the idea of sustainable gastronomy. We also offer you exclusive benefits and rewards, such as a free meal after collecting six badges. This not only promotes local gastronomy, but also enriches your culinary experience.

Frequently asked questions

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Kann ich mit meiner Familie teilnehmen?
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