Avalanche Training Center

Master your avalanche beacon!

When a person is caught in an avalanche, every second counts. We at Andermatt+Sedrun+Disentis would like to support the practice of using avalanche transceivers. For this purpose, there is a permanent training facility on the Gurschen. There, all interested parties can practise with their own devices under realistic conditions and this without any preparation time and additional costs!

The training area consists of a zone of almost 100x100m in flat terrain and thus represents a realistic avalanche cone. Several avalanche beacons are distributed around the area, which can be switched on and off by radio from a control centre.

As in an avalanche accident, the trainees cannot know the placement of the transmitters. The electronics also allow one or more avalanche beacons to be activated at random.

Opening hours

From 17 December open daily, depending on weather and snow conditions.

Avalanche instruction by patroller

From 1 February: Every Friday at 2 p.m. at the Avalanche Training Centre on the Gurschen at the middle station. Instruction is free and no registration is necessary.

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