Oberalp Pass

Between Uri and Graubünden

The Oberalp Pass is an important connection between Andermatt and Sedrun, the canton of Uri and the canton of Graubünden. That is why it is passable all year round with the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway, and in summer the pass road is open to road traffic. The pass summit is a central starting point for all kinds of tours.


It's no mirage: there really is a lighthouse on the Oberalp Pass at 2,046 metres above sea level. And it is not guiding mountaineers. It is the twin of the Hoek van Holland lighthouse in Rotterdam, which for many years supported North Sea shipping where the Rhine flows into the North Sea. Today, the now obsolete lighthouse stands in the Port Museum of Rotterdam near the mouth of the Rhine. The tower points to the source of the Rhine, which flows from here towards the Netherlands.

Source of the Rhine in Lake Toma

You can reach the actual source via a hike of about one and a half hours from the top of the pass. The small Toma Lake - or Lai da Tuma in Rhaeto-Romanic - is considered the source of the Rhine. From it, the Rein da Tuma flows over a rocky sill down to the Plidutscha plain and on to the end of the Surselva, where it joins the Hinterrhein at Reichenau. Lake Toma is surrounded by rare alpine plants and is uniquely beautiful between high rocky flanks.


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Fishing at Lake Oberalp

Directly at the top of the pass is the Oberalpsee. With its pristine water and abundant oxygen, it provides a good basis for life. In fact, it is home to lake and rainbow trout, Arctic char and Namaycush trout. A true paradise, then, for fishing enthusiasts. A one-day fishing permit can be purchased at the Piz Calmot restaurant.

Fishing in Lake Oberalp

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Mountain huts

Close to the Oberalp Pass are the Maighels and Badus huts, both of which are run by the Swiss Alpine Club. They offer simple overnight accommodation, are base camps for mountain and climbing tours and ideal places for a break. With regional dishes, fresh cakes and drinks, they offer an enjoyable complement to the great view.

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