Schöllenen Gorge

Legendary power place

In the rugged Schöllenen Gorge with the Devil's Bridge and the Suvorov Monument, you’ll experience the legend of the original Gotthard region up close. On a walk of about 30 minutes, you’ll look out at vertical rock walls and the roaring Reuss river.

The legend of the Devil’s Bridge.

The Reuss river is crossed not only by the modern road but also by the Devil's Bridge. It's said that it wasn't built by human hands: A long, long time ago, Uri residents had wanted to build a bridge in the gorge but didn't know how to accomplish it. Their leader shouted, “Then the devil should build us a bridge!” Suddenly, the devil appeared before him and offered to build the bridge. He had one condition: the first to cross the bridge would belong to him. The Uri residents accepted, and three days later, the crossing was in place. Now the devil waited for the first to come over. But the Uri residents had their own plan. On the advice of a clever alderman, they chased a goat across the bridge as the first to meet the devil. The devil was enraged to have been cheated in this way and decided to destroy the bridge. He went down to the valley and grabbed a rock the size of a house. On the way back, he encountered an old woman, who scratched a cross on the rock. When the devil saw the mark, he ran away and left the rock and bridge where they were. Since then, they say, the devil has never shown his face again in the Uri area.

Suvorow Monument

Located right behind Restaurant Teufelsbrücke is the Suvorow Monument, built by Russia in 1898. The monument recalls the battle of 1799 in the Schöllenen Gorge and is dedicated to the Russian general Alexander Suvorow and his fallen soldiers.

Power place hike

The Schöllenen Gorge is considered a power place. On a roughly 1.5-hour hike from Andermatt to Göschenen, you’ll visit various historical sites, vantage points, and legendary natural phenomena. You’ll everything you need to know in this flyer.

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