Travel comfortably to Andermatt for CHF 79 incl. ski ticket

The Twerenbold buses take you directly to the ski area!

The journey into the mountains is a pleasure in and of itself with the Andermatt Ski-Express. It offers comfortable, four-star seating with at least 82 cm of legroom, on-board entertainment, hot and cold beverages, and free WiFi. And it’s convenient, too: The coach will bring you straight to the Gütsch Express valley station, located near the Andermatt railway station. You’ll receive your ski pass during the journey, so you can start skiing right away without having to wait on line.


Fast bus Andermatt: Altdorf-Schattdorf-Andermatt (operated by AutoAG Uri)
Ski-Express 1: Lenzburg - Aarau – Olten – Andermatt Talstation Gütsch-Express – Olten – Aarau - Lenzburg
Ski-Express 2: Baden-Rütihof – Baden – Raststätte Knonaueramt – Andermatt Talstation Gütsch-Express – Raststätte Knonaueramt – Baden – Baden-Rütihof
Ski-Express 3: Winterthur – Zürich – Andermatt Talstation Gütsch-Express – Zürich – Winterthur
Ski-Express 4: Arlesheim - Dornach - Reinach - Basel - Pratteln service area - Liestal - Andermatt valley station Gütsch-Express - Liestal - Pratteln service area - Basel - Reinach - Dornach - Arlesheim

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