Skiing in Andermatt+Sedrun+Disentis

Three locations, one ski destination

180 kilometres of pistes and 33 lifts climbing as high as 3,000 metres are waiting for you at the winter sports area of Andermatt, Sedrun and Disentis. We took the cross in the Swiss flag literally and turned it into a plus for the winter experience, whether special slope highlights, a descent on untouched freeride runs, or diverse culinary offerings.


Perfect deep powder, challenging steep slopes, descents with a vertical drop of 1,500 metres: At the Andermatt-Gemsstock ski resort, deep-powder experts are sure to get their money’s worth. With a height of nearly 3,000 metres, Gemsstock is the ideal destination for off-slope enjoyment in the Gotthard region. From November to May, freeriders will find the perfect lines in the deep-snow slopes here. The Avalanche Training Center offers courses to ensure a safe deep-powder experience. Crack skiers can put their abilities to the test on the glacier descent and follow in the tracks of an Olympic champion on the Bernhard Russi Run. Andermatt-Gemsstock – where freeriders and top skiers feel at home. 

Bernhard Russi Run: Record-long downhill run
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Andermatt-Oberalp Pass-Sedrun 

The Oberalp Pass is the perfect destination for everyone looking to experience winter in its full glory. Start with a few runs on the wide pistes and then catch some sun on the spacious restaurant terraces, all the while with the impressive mountain panorama before your eyes.


Divine winter landscapes, deep powder, and a breath-taking mountain ambience, coupled with a wide variety of winter sports activities – that’s what you’ll find at the Disentis ski resort. Whether you’re on foot or using climbing skins, snowshoes, skis, or even a paraglider: Disentis is the perfect destination for alpine skiing and other types of winter sports. If you’re looking for added action, take to the slopes on a fatbike before and after the ski day. 

Children's slopes

In Andermatt, Sedrun and Disentis children learn to ski with joy. The colourful KidsArenas in Andermatt and Sedrun with their mascots, the lovingly designed children's areas in Disentis and Andermatt make kids forget that sometimes it's not so easy to get started. Those who still need a break can stop off at one of the family restaurants with play corners and special children's menus.

Our slopes especially for children

Andermatt, Sedrun and Disentis: The link 

The Andermatt-Sedrun and Disentis ski resorts are linked by the Sport Train and the Cuolm da Vi gondola. The trip from the Dieni railway station in the Andermatt-Sedrun ski resort to the Sedrun railway station in the Disentis ski resort takes just five minutes. 

Piste information  

Central Switzerland’s largest ski area features 180 kilometres of pistes in all degrees of difficulty. Blue pistes are particularly suited to beginners. They aren’t as steep and offer unhurried descents. Red pistes have an incline of at most 40 degrees, with an intermediate degree of difficulty. The difficult black pistes are designed for top skiers. They are steep and require excellent technical skills. 

Yellow pistes 

For freeriders, there are also 16.5 kilometres of yellow pistes. These are deep-powder trails. These slopes are protected against avalanches, but they are not groomed or patrolled. For reasons of safety, only those with sufficient experience and the right gear should ski in deep-powder snow.

Kilometres of pistes at Andermatt, Sedrun and Disentis: 
  • Blue pistes: 47.5 km 

  • Red pistes: 84 km 

  • Black pistes: 37 km 

  • Yellow pistes: 16.5 km

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