Glacier cover, intelligent snowmaking and clean-up days: sustainable measures for environmental protection in the ski area

Covering the glacier

We have been covering the Gurschen glacier with white fleece in spring for around two decades. This measure helps to slow down the melting of the glacier ice during the summer and thus contributes to the protection of the glacier. By covering the glacier in this way, we can help to preserve the natural environment and reduce the impact of climate change on the glacier.

Intelligent snowmaking

The majority of Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG's snowmaking systems were installed as part of the expansion of the ski area and meet the latest standards in terms of efficiency and effectiveness in technical snowmaking. Older systems are gradually being replaced by more modern equipment that is seamlessly integrated into the existing snowmaking management system. The introduction of the SnowSat system for precise snow depth measurement enables Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG to offer guests perfectly groomed slopes and at the same time protect the environment by producing only the necessary amount of artificial snow. By regularly measuring the slopes and converting the fleet of snow groomers, the company is constantly working to optimize its operating processes.

Clean-up Days

Together with various partners and volunteers, we regularly organize clean-up days in the ski area. During these events, garbage left behind during the season is collected to protect the environment and keep the ski area clean. These joint efforts help to preserve the natural beauty of the region and raise awareness of environmental protection.

We hope that this information provides an insight into the environmentally friendly measures taken by Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG and illustrates how the natural beauty of the region can be protected through targeted measures.

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