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Want to take your first ski tour or climb a peak? Interested in switching from a snowboard to skis? Riding a bicycle or taking out a racing bike? Get advice at our specialist shops, where you’ll find a wide range of equipment to buy, rent, or try out.

Sports shops in Andermatt

The sports shops in Andermatt offer gear to buy or rent for all types of snowsports and all times of the year. If you want to try out something new: At Snowlimit, you can rent a fatbike – mountain bikes outfitted for snow.

Alpina Sport 

The sports shop of Uri mountain guides is located in the village centre of Andermatt. In the store, mountain sports enthusiasts will find a large selection of clothing and sports items for the summer or winter season. Equipment is available to buy or rent. Further information about Alpina Sport.

Imholz Sport

With three locations, Imholz Sport offers everything needed for winter sports activities: Carving, freeride, and touring skis, as well as snowboards – and all are also available for rent. At the branch in the Nordic House, cross-country ski equipment is available to buy or rent. At the main shop in Piazza Gottardo, which is open year-round, there is an integrated Mammut Store, as well as a wide selection of bikes and accessories from Bikewelt Gisler. Further information about Imholz Sport

The Nordic House by Imholz Sport

In the Nordic House, right next to the cross-country ski trail, you'll find everything you need for cross-country skiing. With the latest rental equipment from Fischer and Rossignol, you have the right equipment, whether skating or classic. There is also a nice selection of fashionable cross-country clothing and accessories. Cloakrooms, showers, toilets and lockers are available to customers free of charge during opening hours by rental or course bookings. More information about The Nordic House.

Meyer's Sporthaus

Meyer’s Sporthaus is located in the centre of Andermatt. Here, locals and guests alike will find plenty of sports and recreational gear. The shop’s long-term employees will be happy to help you find the right gear, whether to buy or rent. Further information about Meyer's Sporthaus.


The family-owned company Snowlimit is located just a few minutes’ walk from the Andermatt railway station. It offers a select range of sports gear all year round. In winter, skis and snowboards can be bought, rented, or tried out. Further information about Snowlimit.

Sports shops in Disentis/Mustér

In Disentis/Mustér, you’ll receive good advice on gear to buy or rent – sometimes right on the piste. If you’re looking for something exclusive: Anavon Ski AG makes skis at its factory in Disentis and sells them in its shop.

Anavon Ski

Looking for something out of the ordinary? Here you can buy yourself a pair of Swiss-made skis that are fully produced in Disentis. Or if you want, build your own skis at a two-day workshop, with expert guidance provided in small groups. Further information about Anavon Ski.

Intersport Menzli

Rent your gear here for alpine skiing, snowboarding, or cross-country skiing flexibly and with no fuss seven days a week. For kids, seasonal gear can be rented. Also available: The overnight ski and snowboard service for perfectly prepared snowsports equipment. Further information about Intersport Menzli.

Skigarage Tenner

Buy snowsports equipment here, like skis, ski boots, snowshoes, freeriding gear, accessories, and much more. If you prefer to rent: Skis, ski boots, helmets, and entire freeriding sets with avalanche beacon, probe, shovel, and backpack are available for pick-up. Further information about Skigarage Tenner.

Sports shops in Sedrun

In Sedrun, there is broad range of gear available to buy or rent for all types of snowsports. A plus: In addition to gear, Snowboard Sägerei and Monntains offer snowsports lessons to meet your needs.

Monntains Snowsports School and Shop

Buy or rent gear here for alpine, Nordic, or Telemark skiing, as well as for snowboarding. The shop also has a wide range of accessories. You’ll be helped by ski instructors, who know what you need to pay attention to when choosing your equipment. Further information about Monntains Shop.

Intersport Curschellas

Curschellas Sport in Dieni and Sedrun offers carefully chosen sports gear and hardware for summer and winter. At the rental centres, you can also rent a full set of equipment. You can reach the piste on your rental equipment directly from the service and testing centre in Dieni.  Further information about Intersport Curschellas

Snowboard Sägerei

Here you’ll find everything for your perfect snowboarding experience: You can rent a full set of gear, buy your own board, or have the scratches on your snowboard taken care of. Snowboard Sägerei also offers custom-fit snowboarding lessons. Further information about Snowboard Sägerei.

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