Vail Resorts achieves 100 percent renewable electricity for the second year in a row and reaches 2030 energy efficiency target ahead of schedule

Broomfield/Andermatt, January 24, 2024

Vail Resorts, Inc, majority owner of Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG, has published its 2022/23 Environmental and Social Responsibility Report. In 2017, Vail Resorts announced the "Commitment to Zero", an ambitious goal to achieve a net zero footprint by 2030, including zero emissions, zero waste to landfill and zero net impact on forests and habitats.

The company said it is ahead of schedule in achieving its emissions targets and on track to meet the overarching goal of having a net zero footprint by 2030. Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG (SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun), managed by Vail Resorts since August 2022, has its own sustainability reporting with the Andermatt Responsible progress report.

With a commitment to making the ski resorts more sustainable and inclusive, Vail Resorts has made progress in all four pillars of its responsibility program: Sustainability, Investing in the Future of the Industry through Inclusive Access, Supporting the Community and Supporting Employees through the Employee Foundation.

Vail Resorts' 2022/23 Environmental and Social Responsibility Report shows how the company met its EpicPromise goals and made great strides over the past year. Key highlights include:

  • Using 100 percent renewable electricity at the company's 37 North American resorts for the second year in a row.

  • Achieved energy efficiency goal ahead of company's 2030 target by investing $10 million in energy-saving measures since 2018

  • Reduced landfill waste by 2.7 million kilograms (6.1 million pounds) or 36 percent from baseline.

  • Enrolled nearly 11,300 underrepresented youth last year, many from major cities such as New York City, Boston, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit, exceeding the company's 2022/23 youth access goal by 25%.

  • Partnerships with 53 nonprofit organizations offering adaptive programs at 30 ski resorts in the Vail Resorts network, ensuring equitable access.

  • Donated more than $29 million in community and employee grants to support affordable childcare, housing, mental health services, disaster relief and more.

  • Doubled investment in employee mental health care since 2022.

"We care deeply about our employees, the mountains where we have the privilege to live, work and enjoy, and the future of our industry," says Kirsten Lynch, CEO of Vail Resorts. "Our responsible work is rooted in our commitment to the future. This is reflected in our ambitious sustainability goals and in raising our voice to drive action on climate change; in programs to expand access to our sports; and in supporting our employees and mountain communities. Progress cannot be achieved alone. I am grateful for the 55,000 team members at Vail Resorts and the partnership with hundreds of community organizations who are passionate about working together to preserve the mountains and this sport for generations to come."


Vail Resorts continues to use its voice to advocate and drive action on climate change by taking a leadership role in the Mountain Collaborative for Climate Action and the National Ski Areas Association and advocating for climate action at the local, state and national levels. The company is also focused on making its own operations more sustainable through the Commitment to Zero in the following areas:

Zero net emissions:

  • For the second year in a row, Vail Resorts used 100 percent renewable electricity at its 37 North American resorts. This is due to investments in renewable energy development, such as the large-scale Plum Creek wind farm that the company facilitated, as well as local renewable energy programs.

  • Vail Resorts has also achieved its goal of saving 15% on energy costs ahead of the company's 2030 target. This is due to investments of USD 10 million in energy-saving measures since 2018. Energy-saving projects have focused on improving snowmaking efficiency, converting to LED lighting, upgrading building systems and controls, and more, while improving operations and the guest experience.

No waste to landfill:

  • Vail Resorts is well on its way to reaching its goal of sending zero waste to landfills. The company reduced 2.7 million kilograms (6.1 million pounds) of waste from its baseline, resulting in a 36 percent reduction in non-recycled waste.

Zero net impact on forests and habitats:

  • Vail Resorts is well on its way to achieving its goal of zero impact on forests and habitats. In 2023, the company worked with the National Forest Foundation to reforest 95 acres outside the company's operating areas in national forests in Washington, Oregon and Wyoming, in areas where the landscape had been impacted by wildfires.

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