Underway with the Après-Ski

Après-Ski Train

You like a beautiful view while having an aperitif? Then the après-ski train is perfect for you. During this winter season, the panorama car with snacks and drinks will take you from Andermatt to Disentis and back for the last time and enchant you with great, new offers. The Après-Ski Train runs from 17 December until 10 April. 

New offers


According to the motto "3G - goodbye après-ski train", there is a very special highlight this season. Buy your personal 3G pass on the spot (pay for two and get the third, same drink for free) and enjoy the last season in the panorama car together with us.

Coffee Schnapps Pass during Carnival Week

The après-ski train will also be ready for you during the carnival from SchmuDo 16 February to Tuesday 21 February. Of course, the obligatory Kaffee Schnaps will not be missing. Buy your coffee schnapps pass à discrétion now for only CHF 19.90 and enjoy as many glasses of coffee schnapps as you like on the journey from Andermatt to Disentis and back.

Price for the coffee schnapps pass à discrétion:

  • CHF 19.90 per day*

*bookings from the age of 18

Book directly here or on site:

Üstrinkete on Monday, 10 April

On Easter Monday, 10 April, the time has come. The après-ski train will roll from Andermatt to Disentis and back for the last time. So that we don't have to put the bar car half full on the siding, there will be an "Üstrinkete" on the last two connections from Disentis to Andermatt (Disentis from 14.14 and 15.14) on this day. Buy your "Üstrinkete-Pass" for only CHF 50. The pass includes drinks, as much as you like or as much as it has left and a hotdog as a refreshment. Prices for "all youcandrink" or as they say "es hed so langs hed" drinks, incl. 1 hotdog CHF 50*.

*from 18 years

mys-Üstrinkete am Montag, 10. April-Après-Ski Zug
Group reservation Après-Ski Zug

Would you like to experience an unforgettable snow day as a team or among friends, or would you like to celebrate your birthday in a special setting?

More Information

More information about Après-Ski Zug

  • Rail tickets can be purchased at the ticket office (where available), online or on the train.

  • Ski tickets can be purchased at the ticket counters or vending machines.

  • The general terms and conditions of Andermatt Sedrun Disentis Marketing AG apply.

  • Contact Andermatt+Sedrun+Disentis: +41 58 200 68 68 /

  • Contact MGB: RailCenter Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn / Bahnhofplatz 7 / CH-3900 Brig / E-Mail / Phone +41 (0)848 642 442

Panoramic route 

The Matterhorn Gotthard Railway with its two après-ski cars winds its way over wide hairpin bends from Andermatt station to the Oberalp Pass. Past magnificent 3,000-metre peaks and through glittering winter forest, it descends from there to Sedrun and Disentis and back again. The journey takes just over an hour, and you can get on and off at any stop. Your ski ticket entitles you to free travel on the route Andermatt - Disentis or vice versa.  

Highest pleasure 

After skiing, you can make yourself comfortable on one of the cosy seats or in the lounge. Whether sitting or standing: don't forget to look out of the window. The ride through the high alpine terrain is impressive with or without a holdrio. If you're in the mood for something cold, order a beer, a lemonade or a fine drink. The rolling bar offers the entire range of drinks. You can also get a hot dog to keep you warm.  

Avant Ski Trip 

The après-ski train doesn't just pick you up from the slopes, it also takes you there. It already leaves in the morning. And you have the choice: do you change to the Schneehüenerstock Express at the Oberalp pass? Do you take the kids to the DruniKidsArena in Sedrun? Or are you going freeriding in Disentis? The train stops at all regular stops - and with coffee, a homemade nut croissant and a great view, you can easily delay the decision for a while. 


  • The ticket price for the train journey applies. It is also good manners to order one or two (and more) drinks. Malicious tongues also call this compulsory consumption. 

  • The 3G Pass* and the Coffee Schnapps Pass à discrétion, during Carnival week*, can be purchased online or in the carriage at the bar. 

  • Group reservations have different, separate price categories. 

 *from 18 years 


Train number 820 824 836 840
Andermatt from 08.28 09.28 12.28 13.28
Oberalppass from 08.50 09.50 12.50 13.50
Dieni from 09.10 10.10 13.10 14.10
Sedrun from 09.16 10.16 13.16 14.16
Disentis from 09.39 10.39 13.39 14.39
Train number 827 831 843 847
Disentis from 10.14 11.14 14.14 15.14
Sedrun from 10.31 11.31 14.31 15.31
Dieni from 10.36 11.36 14.36 15.36
Oberalppass from 10.53 11.53 14.53 15.53
Andermatt 11.22 12.22 15.22 16.22
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