Version: October 2021

Andermatt Sedrun Disentis Marketing AG maintains its social media profile and digital platforms in order to get people excited about the region and to share offers, things to do and impressions with them. We place great importance on an open, respectful exchange of opinions and interaction with and among our followers. In order to be able to ensure this, we ask that you observe a few simple rules of netiquette. Whether replying to a comment or making a suggestion for the digital communications team, please behave in the same way that you would in a face-to-face conversation.

What we want:

  • An open, friendly, and respectful exchange of ideas and opinions.

  • Constructive, stimulating posts and discussions.

What we do not tolerate:

  • Posts that are offensive, obscene, pornographic, threatening, discriminatory, racist, insulting, misleading, inaccurate or unlawful, that incite violence or that demean others.

  • Posts that infringe the rights of others (including their copyrights and personality rights).

  • Posts that contain direct or indirect advertising for outside products, as well as spam.

  • Falsification or removal of proper source references.

  • Posted content for which you lack the necessary rights.

  • Posts that are off-topic or unrelated to our company.

  • Generalisations, insinuations or claims that cannot be verified.

In addition, for reasons of data protection, we ask that you do not post any personal data.

If it becomes aware of such content or actions, Andermatt Swiss Alps AG, as the operator of the site, reserves the right to remove the relevant posts without comment and to block persons who (repeatedly) break the rules of netiquette.

Other information:

  • Please be aware that posted content may be used by us for advertising purposes on our official social media channels.

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