Snowsports a different way: Fun sports to check out

Fun in the snow

It doesn’t always have to be alpine skiing. At Andermatt, Sedrun and Disentis, you’ll find a whole host of alternatives. Whether traditional activities, like sledding or ice skating, or new types, like fatbiking or zorbing. Fun is definitely guaranteed.

Bialas vacanzas

Exciting activities await every day at Bialas vacanzas in Disentis Sedrun. Participation in most activities requires advance registration. More info.


Know how to ride a bicycle? Then you can ride a fatbike, too! With its thick tyres, your fatbike will take you through the snow just as safely as on a normal bicycle. Using specially constructed trails, you can travel considerably farther distances than on foot or with cross-country skis. The smile this will put on your face comes at no extra charge. If speed is your thing, then Disentis is the right place: On some days, before and after ski operations, the lifts there are turned on only for fatbikers. A boost of adrenalin on the piste is guaranteed. 

From January onwards, a guided Fatbike Adventure by night will take place every Thursday evening in Andermatt. If you want to test your skills yourself, fatbikes and e-fatbikes can be rented at Bikelwelt Gisler or Imholz Sport.

A Winterwandern Gütsch
Winter hiking: active deceleration

Leave your tracks in the snow

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Due to lack of snow, "Zorbing" is not possible at the moment!

Never heard of zorbing? If not, it’s high time you did. With zorbing, you climb into a double-walled, inflatable orb, where you’re completely protected. Once inside the orb, you can do all sorts of silly business: play football, just roll around, wrestle, run, or – very popular – smash into other orbs at full speed. Because the air-filled orb acts like a buffer, you can’t hurt yourself, other than from laughing. Zorbing is available at Disentis, where a wide variety of orb-related events are also organised. A plus of fun for the entire year! 

Langlaufkurs The Nordic House_Dez18_Valentin Luthiger (7)
Cross-country safari in the “Three Riverheads” area

Cross-country skiing with variety

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Hop aboard and let loose: Sledding is always a joy. At Andermatt, Sedrun and Disentis, there are sledding runs to suit every taste. If you prefer to take your time, sled down the less steep Oberalp Pass road from Nätschen to Andermatt. Highlight: The trip through an 80-metre tunnel with laser show. For more speed, try Milez to Dieni. Looking for quiet and solitude? You’ll find it on the scenic sledding run and footpath Mompé Medel. Also worthwhile is the sledding tour on the Furka Pass road from Tiefenbach to Realp. After a two-hour ascent, you’ll be rewarded for the effort with a fast run back downhill. 

You can hire sledges at the Dieni valley station and at Andermatt station at Gleis 0.  

Ice skating 

Elegant gliding or sporty action - a few hours on the ice field in Andermatt, Sedrun or Disentis are always a cool change from winter fun on the slopes. Test your skills at curling on the Andermatt ice rink.


Leave your tracks in the powder snow off the slopes and discover the snowy winter landscape.

A special highlight is the snowshoe tour from Realp with an expert guide along the Furka Pass road to the famous James Bond gold finger bend. The tour ends with a warming drink in an alpine hut. You can find more information here.

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