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Ski mountains as far as the eye can see

Andermatt, Sedrun and Disentis are home to countless peaks that beckon for ski touring. Thanks to a tight network of SAC huts, a good train connection over the Oberalp Pass, and the ski resort’s cableways, you’ll be touring in no time.

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Peak happiness

Whether in the Ursern Valley or in the valleys near Disentis: Our peaks are often close together. There are countless opportunities for ski touring, starting out from the Albert Heim hut, for instance. If you’ve got Alpine experience and endurance, have a go at the Galenstock, or if you’re looking for a comfortable tour, choose the Chli Bielenhorn. Both of them offer sensational views. If you’re starting out from the Surselva, it pays to tour on the Oberalpstock at a height of 3,328 metres (on this side of the Oberalp Pass, we call it the “Piz Tgietschen”, which means “red mountain” in Romansh). From here, there are a number of long, steep powder slopes that get the hearts of freeriders pounding harder.

Short climbs, long trails

Many of the starting points for ski touring in our region are extremely easy to reach: You take the ski lift up and skip the first few metres of elevation without any effort. Or you take the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway to the stop at the Oberalp Pass and start your tour after a leisurely breakfast in the Après-Ski carriage. That way, you’ll save your energy for the long trails in the powder and won’t already be out of breath from climbing up.

SAC huts in the region

There are many Swiss Alpine Club huts in the vicinity of Andermatt+Sedrun+Disentis. For example, the Maighels hut, the Rotondo hut, and the Albert Heim hut can all be reached with a few hours of climbing. Some of them are also serviced in the winter, and if not, make yourself comfortable in the winter room and bring your own meals with you. All huts are starting points for a variety of ski tours.

Other mountain huts in the region.

Safety first

When ski touring, you’re travelling off the safe pistes. Experience in open terrain, skill in using avalanche gear, and serious preparation, as well as an overview of the current avalanche situation, are therefore essential requirements for ski touring. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, or if you’re unsure about your off-piste abilities, we recommend that you arrange for a mountain sports expert to accompany you. Please also respect the wildlife reserves.

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