Winter magic in Andermatt

Discover the winter paradise

Winter hiking in the middle of the mountain landscape lets us forget everyday life for a moment. The cool and clean air in the nose is not only good for the soul, but also for the physical health. We present the best routes in Andermatt.

201 - Pass road Andermatt-Nätschen

The following winter hiking trail leads you from Andermatt towards the Oberalp Pass on the Nätschen. The gently ascending curves lead you over approx. 6.5 km up to the Nätschen middle station. The 400 metres of ascent are rewarded with a fantastic view of idyllic Andermatt. Enjoy, for example, your well-deserved coffee and cake on the Nätschen sun terrace. For the way down to the valley, you can either take the same route back or descend in comfort with the Gütsch Express cable car.

Winterwanderung Nätschen
Andermatt - Nätschen
Winter hiking trail
5.8 km
1:48 h
413 hm
0 hm

202 - Alpine path Nätschen-Schöni

Do you prefer a more leisurely pace? Then the following Nätschen-Schöni route is just right for you. On the almost 3.2 kilometres, you immerse yourself in the picturesque mountain world. Enjoy the wintry atmosphere on the alpine path and listen to your breath. With a bit of luck, you might even see a snow grouse or two. On the winter hiking trail you pass the wayside cross with bell, where you can enjoy the alpine panorama for the first time. The return leg of this leisurely route takes you back along the same path.

Winterwanderweg Nätschen-Schöni
Alpweg Nätschen-Schöni
Winter hiking trail
4.0 km
1:30 h
120 hm
120 hm

203 - Panoramic circular route Gütsch

The Gütsch-Express takes you to around 2,300 metres above sea level. From there, the panoramic circular trail leads you in the direction of the wind farm. For a long time, the four wind turbines were the highest wind farm in Europe. Passing the wind turbines, you can enjoy a unique view in the direction of the damma region. The panorama trail is suitable for young and old and can also easily be done as an afternoon tour.

Panoramarundweg Gütsch
Panoramarundweg Gütsch
Winter hiking trail
1.8 km
1:00 h
100 hm
78 hm

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